AirComfy Inflatable Neck/Lumbar Pillow – Cervical Neck Support and Lumbar Back Pain Prevention with Airplane Travel Packsack

Price: $29.99 - $18.99
(as of Feb 25,2018 11:00:58 UTC – Details)

Are you Tired of Being Unsupported?

Are you frustrated with airline or office seats that lack support and leave you aching? Are you looking for an alternative to heavy and cumbersome memory foam U-shaped pillows or limp microbead pillows that result in painful neck aches?

Enjoy the AirComfy Travel Pillow Difference

-Full Cervical Neck Support – The pillow center cradles the arch in your neck, providing ample support right where you need it.
-Keep Your Head Up – Our unique side wings prevent your head from tilting, so you won’t have to endure neck pain later..
-Low Profile – Full support shouldn’t require you to feel claustrophobic. Relax without the bulkiness of traditional neck or back pillows.
-Reduce Back Pain – Whether you need a little or a lot of back support, the adjustable inflation of the AirComfy will meet your needs. Wedge it wherever you need lumbar support!
-Portability Matters – Easily deflate and stow your pillow in its packsack, and take it to the office, on your commute, or even to the theater!
-Strap It On – No need to lose that perfect pillow placement. Secure it to your headrest with our handy expandable elastic band.
-Easy to Clean – Our fabric easily wipes clean with a damp cloth.
-Has luxurious inner foam that gives support without a hollow, bouncy feeling
-Sized for all – Kids and Adults alike enjoy the benefits of a multi-purpose pillow that can roll up when they hit the road, and quickly be pulled out on demand.

Have Back Pain?

The AirComfy provides adjustable support to prevent lower back pain. The expandable backstop allows you to slip it over the top of most office chairs, so that you can work long hours without incurring the pains that come from improper alignment of your neck, spine or legs.

AirComfy is Different!

Customers are our priority! WE GUARANTEE 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE – The contour design not only holds your head upright, it also provides convenient lower, mid or upper back support.
CONTROL YOUR COMFORT – Adjustable inflation allows you to choose if you want it soft or firm – making it suitable for men, women and kids of all ages.
TAKE IT EVERYWHERE – Excellent for office chairs, car headrests, backpacking, camping, physical therapy, hospital bed recovery, and pregnancy.
LIGHTWEIGHT TRAVELING – The collapsible design compresses into a portable packsack. Free up inner luggage space and clip it to your carryon.
HOLD IT IN PLACE – An expandable elastic band secures the pillow to seats, so you can move around and still maintain comfortable placement.

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