LANGRIA Lumbar Pillow Memory Foam Back Cushion Car Seat for Lower Back Pain and Healthy Posture, Mesh Cover with Elastic Strap, Side Handle for Easy Carry, Home Office Chairs Airplane, Black

Price: $57.99 - $22.99
(as of Feb 23,2018 13:26:25 UTC – Details)

Add an extra layer of support to your lumbar area
We spend too many hours seated: at work, to study, in our cars, public transportation or at home. In addition, most people have bad sitting habits which, along with the long hours we remain seated, cause discomfort and pain, especially in the lower back region. By using LANGRIA’s supportive lumbar cushion, we can immediately relief the pressure and pain experienced. The ergonomically thought design and medium-soft memory foam molds to the shape of your lower back. Just by adding this extra layer between your body and your seat, you can stop distress and improve your seating posture.

Portable size and easy to carry around
This seat cushion is very lightweight (1.2lbs./544g), perfect to take with you wherever you might need it. It has a built-in handle in one of the laterals for easy-carry. The seat pad is perfect to use at home in your sofa, armchair or study room, at work with your office chair, when travelling by bus, car, train, plane, for bus or truck drivers and also for people, children and adults, who use wheelchairs or need to seat for long hours.

Care and maintenance notice
Upon delivery of your lumbar cushion, you just need to unpack it and it is ready to be used, although it might require a couple of hours so it recovers its natural shape. Adjust the strap and fasten it around your chair so it remains in place. When dirty, unzip the cover and wash it by hand or washing machine. Do not wash the foam core as it will be damaged.

Odor notice: new foam products often have a natural, non-harmful scent. Please note the smell will dissipate within 1-2 weeks after unpacking

Product specification
Material: cover: polyester fiber / filling: memory foam
Overall dimensions (W x D x H): 15.2 x 12.6 x 4.7 in / 38.5 x 32 x 12 cm
Net weight: 1.2 lbs. / 544 gADAPTIVE FOAM: high-quality, long-lasting, medium-soft memory foam filling; this material molds to the shape of your body and provides great support to the back; it always recovers its original shape when no pressure is done to the foam
SUPPORTIVE CUSHION: get all the support your back, neck and spine need with this lumbar cushion; it reduces stress and alleviate lower back pain; moreover, it promotes healthy posture; recommended for those that spend too many hours sitting
ELASTIC STRAP: built-in adjustable elastic strap to fit all chairs’ sizes; secure the strap located on the back of this cushion around your chair’s backrest to prevent constantly repositioning the cushion to its correct position
DUAL COVER MATERIAL: the detachable cover is made of super soft and easy on the skin velour; the middle part is made of breathable mesh to improve air flow and better ventilation, dissipating extra heat
EASY CARRY: the support cushion is lightweight (less than 550g) and small, perfect portable size to carry around to where you might need it; a built-in side handle is added for extra comfort to transport it

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