ProBoost Thymic Protein A (4 mcg, 30 packets) by Genicel Inc.

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The thymus is a small gland located behind the upper chest area, which is important in proper immune function. This gland peaks in size at puberty, then begins steady involution (shrinkage), eventually becoming incapable of producing certain proteins the immune system needs. All white blood cells (WBCs) originate in the bone marrow. Most WBCs are biologically active as soon as they are released from the marrow, but WBCs called T cells are not. Once released from the bone marrow, T cells need to travel to the thymus gland to receive proteins manufactured by that gland for activation. This is why they are called T cells T stands for thymus.The T4 (CD4) Helper cell is the manager of the immune system. It is one kind of WBC that needs a thymic protein to be activated. Without a specific protein (protein A), the T4 cell cannot function, and immune activity suffers.ProBoost Thymic Protein A supplies the missing thymic protein and activates the T4 Helper cell.ProBoost Thymic Protein A from Longevity Science comes in packets with a dose of 4 micrograms, taken orally, in boxes of twelve (12) and thirty (30) packets.30 Packets
Serving Size: 1 packet
30 Servings Per Container

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