Wonder Roll Inflatable Lumbar Support Pillow – Self Inflating Medical Back Support Pillow for Car Office or Home – Portable Travel Cushion

Price: $26.94
(as of Feb 24,2018 14:41:44 UTC – Details)

With over 31 million Americans suffering from back pain daily, the Wonder-Roll is here to prevent and relieve lower back pain and discomfort. The Wonder-Roll is the first self-inflating lumbar support designed by physical therapists to correct poor posture, decrease strain and alleviate painful back discomfort. With a specialty designed self-inflating valve, this durable system allows you to quickly inflate and adjust the cushion to your desired firmness. Turn any chair or seat an ergonomically correct back pain solution by attaching your Wonder-Roll with the convenient belt and automatically adjusting the cushion to your unique shape, size and weight. To use, simply open the self-inflating valve and once fully inflated, press and mold the pillow to your desired contour and firmness. To deflate, simply roll or fold away to slip into your back pack, briefcase, purse or carry on for back pain relief on the go. Unlike other bulky support pillows, this pillow is travel ready to create ergonomic lower back relief wherever you go. This versatile comfort pillow is the ideal travel companion for long flights, extended car rides and hours spent in an office chair. By assisting you to maintain the natural curve of your lower back, you can decrease the strain and pressure that can cause long-term damage to spinal discs and joints. Although many believe that sitting is a restful position for the body, clinical research shows that you’re actually putting an immense strain and pressure in the discs of your lower back. To make the problem worse, slouching and poor posture causes long-term and sometimes irreversible damage to the discs of the lower spine. The Wonder-Roll prevents slouching and corrects the natural posture of the back to stop back pain and injury in its tracks.YOUR BACK-PAIN SOLUTION: Lower back pain is the leading cause of disabilities worldwide, but how do you proactively prevent back pain? The Wonder-Roll is the first self-inflating lumbar roll on the market to reduce back pain and counteract poor posture.
DESIGNED BY PHYSICAL THERAPISTS: The Wonder-Roll was designed by experts to support the natural curve of the lower back and correct poor posture that is known to increase strain in the lower back causing long-term damage or injury to spinal discs.
EASY TO USE: Give our self-inflating valve a twist and watch as your Wonder-Roll automatically fills with air. The specialty-designed valve allows you to effortlessly control airflow and comfortably conform the lumbar cushion to your spine.
VERSATILE USE: Never again suffer back-pain on long flights, car rides or in the office with this travel ready lumbar support. Our inflatable pillow quickly deflates and slips into your briefcase, purse or carry on for ergonomic support wherever you go.
SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION: With a premium quality inflatable chamber and sturdy self-adjusting valve, you can look forward back pain relief for years to come. Use the 40″ long belt and plastic buckle to easily and comfortably secure your cushion to any chair.

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